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Parent Company:TEA TIME

Company Name:TEA TIME

Established On:2002

Head Office:Near MIDMAC Roundabout, Al Shamal Road, Fereej Al Nasr, Doha - Qatar

Office Timing:Always Open

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Al Doha, Near MIDMAC Roundabout, Al Shamal Road, Fereej Al Nasr

+974 44 83 74 19

It is with the grace and glory of our beloved and enthusiastic Managing Director Mr. Abdul Kareem and his dedicated team, who made this, endeavor a great success.Our team has worked round the clock by investing their tremendous effort to give “TEATIME” a real time enterprise. We are spanning across the width and breadth of Qatar and soon we will be covering the rest of all the Middle East terrains. Our inception was in 2002 at Al Nasar street Doha. Since then we never looked back and we are still continuing our triumph successfully.

[email protected]

Mobile:+974 55870586

Office:+974 44 83 74 19

whatsapp :+974 55870586

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